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32nd year in business  

Recently I built an addition onto my workshop. It allowed me to get all the woodworking equipment out of the classroom into it's own space.  Now the classroom can comfortably seat twelve!





 Find out how fun and easy it is to create your very own Nantucket Lightship Basket. For 20 years I have been teaching both private and group classes on a year round basis.  After working with well over two thousand students I have developed techniques and tools that make the construction process simple and fun. There are many projects and many sizes from 2" miniatures to a coffee table/basinet that is 3 feet across! Ice buckets, wine coolers, bud vases, and flower vases are some of the weaving projects possible.

If you're coming to Nantucket this summer please call ahead 508-228-8714 to reserve a spot.  A non- refundable deposit of 50.00 will be required to hold your place.  

Summer class  times run Monday through Friday 10:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. 

      If you are coming to the Island expect to be here at least one week (5 - 7 days) to complete a open round  basket. (this will give you time to sight-see as well as weave) If you can arrange your stay over a weekend this gives you a little more time to finish.  You will be at the shop for three or four half day sessions, some  longer than others.  You will have time in between classes to complete "homework" on your own. (the classes need not be consecutive days)  

Open Basket Class

 price includes 1 cherry base and handle, reed staves and rim, and ebony knobs.

 3 - 4 inch open  $325.00
 5 - 6 inch open  $385.00
 7 - 8 inch open  $420.00
 9 - 10 inch open  $450.00
 12 - 14 inch open  $500.00
 16 - 18 inch open  $600.00
 20 -  inch open  $750.00

Extra handles, exotic wood bases, wood staves, wood rims, ears, ivory details, scrimshaw, carvings and many custom items available on request!

I get many inquiries about classes for purses.

  This is an advanced weaving project and is not recommended for a first project.  For those of you with Nantucket basket experience, smaller handbags can be completed in this one week time frame but will cut heavily into your sightseeing time. 

Purse Classes

 includes 2 cherry bases , 1 cherry handle, reed rims and staves, ebony knobs and purse pin  

All purses are $100 per inch

Extra handles, exotic wood bases, wood staves, wood rims, ears, ivory details, scrimshaw, carvings and many custom items available on request!

Specialty Projects

Ice Bucket - $525.00

Tilt top table (26") - $1850.00

Bassinet / Coffee table - $3950.00





Purses continue to be one of my students most requested and favorite projects. They obviously require previous weaving experience, attention to detail, and will take a least eight days of work from start to finish. 

As you can see by these photos my students can produce some spectacular handbags.

If you are considering using a solid ivory top or ivory catch you must make arrangements in advance of your class in order for the parts to be ready.

Purses we have started calling "clutches" have been very popular in recent years and are a great beginning purse project.  There are so many options available allowing you to create a very unique project that has never been done before!


Bracelets are here!!!!

   Last year several students express interest in making Nantucket basket style bracelets so over the winter I bought blanks in 6 different sizes and figured out how to construct them.  The sizes are 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1 1/8", 1 1/2" and 2".   I thought it would be interesting to use different materials as well as the standard cane we use for baskets.  Below you'll see some of the work students did this past summer.  Each new design is named after the woman that created it.  They incorporate the use of cane, baleen, ivory, and cherry.  The end caps you see are ivory, walrus ivory, fossil walrus ivory, mammoth ivory, and ebony.  One of the great things about these is that they are a one day project.

Prices start at just $200 for plain cane with ivory ends, each 1/4" adds $50. (1/2" = $250, 3/4" = $300...etc.)  Baleen staves are $50 each.  Ivory will vary based on size but ranges from $200 - $400.

The "Patsy" a 1/4" with baleen


The "Patsy 2"  a 1/2" with ivory next to the "Patsy"


1/2" with baleen staves



The "Gussie B" A 1/2" with ivory and baleen and ebony end caps. 


A standard 1/2" and 3/4" with baleen staves the "Karoly"


A 3/4" with two baleen and one cane stave.  I forgot who made this one...lol

The "Beth 2" a 3/4" with ivory and two cherry staves.


The "Caroline" is a 3/4" with a wide baleen stave and two cane staves.


The "Karoly" 3/4" with baleen staves


The"Beth" 1 1/8" with three baleen staves and 2 cane in between was the most popular style by far.


The "Pam" an 1 1/8" with two baleen staves

A standard 1 1/8" with walrus ivory scallop shell and end caps.



The "Elizabeth" A 1 1/2" with two ivory staves



The "Joan" is an 1 1/2"  with ivory, cherry, and baleen



Below you'll see a sampling of different end caps 




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