Timothy Parsons 

 custom made baskets

 Before considering buying a basket please acquaint yourself with all the information in the buying guide and compare my work to others you see on the web.  The educated buyer should realize that "museum" quality custom made baskets are not inexpensive. Be careful, on the web I have seen poorly made foreign made baskets sell for as much as $500.00.

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 Since 1989 I have worked to not only to be an excellent weaver but a complete craftsman in all aspects of Nantucket Lightship Basket construction and history.  Many basket makers buy all their materials from a shop and simply weave the basket.  I design and make all my molds and basket parts (bases, rims, wooden staves and rims, handles, and some ivory carvings, purse pins, and knobs) here in my shop to insure the highest quality in all aspects of my work.  Much like other fine arts, part of what you are buying is a name.  For over twenty years I've studied the history of Nantucket Lightship Baskets and it has been my only occupation, through working on repairs of old baskets I've gained a a great deal of knowledge on tradition construction techniques and methods. Examine my work carefully and I am sure you will see the quality and care I put into each basket.  After "doing your homework", please feel free to e-mail me or call me at the shop with any questions.

 Due to the wide variety of custom work I do, I do not have a set price list per se, but I can offer some pricing guidelines.

 Prices below are for baskets using traditional cane and reed construction. 
Baskets come with cherry bases and handles, reed staves and rims and ivory knobs.  Wooden staves and rims are optional and can be quoted on an individual basis.

  Any repairs needed due to normal wear and tear are done free of charge for the original owner. 

Handbags (purses) $140.00 per inch ( the long dimension of the opening) 
Open baskets $50.00 - $65.00 per inch (diameter) 
Turned wooden tops for round baskets 50.00 - 100.00 per inch 

Nests 1"- 8" round (seven baskets) - $3000.00 
1"- 5" round (five baskets) - $1975.00 
3"- 5" round (three baskets) - 900.00 
7" - 16" oval (six baskets) - $5000.00 

These are all starting price points using the most basic woods. 
Wooden staves and/or wooden rims, scrimshaw, carvings, ears, exotic woods, and other custom features all add to the base price and are calculated on a size basis.

Many customers are amazed to hear that many Island weavers are backed up four years or more.  My current lead time is about 10 months.   To enable you to present a gift, however, I often print up a nice gift letter on photo stock.  This also allows the recipient to have a full range of choices regarding many of the options available. 

ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENT: All major credit cards, check, money order, bank check 

Please call the shop at 508-228-8714 to discuss any specific details.