Antique Basket by Sherwin Boyer

This is a perfectly cared for and completely intact purse was done by Sherwin Boyer.  He was a  contemporary of  Jose Reyes and Steven Gibbs and made baskets in a little shop in back of a building on Federal Street across from St. Mary's Church.  The purse features a rosewood top, oak staves and handle, and reed rims.  The ivory whale done was by Charles Sayles Sr.. Ivory knobs and peg.

The basket measures 7 3/4" * 5 3/4" * 6 1/2" deep

Priced at $2400.00 A great addition for the collector



A Stephan Gibbs 7 inch purse

This purse and has a rosewood top and pin, oak staves and handle, and reed rim.  The whale was carved by well known Nantucket carver Alethea Macy.  In perfect condition!

7 1/2" * 5 3/4 * 7 tall"




A beautiful 10 inch vintage round

This may be a Captain Sandsbury as it has many of the features that are seen in most of his work including the turning designs on the inside, the nicely shaped rim mounted handle, and the brass plate on top of the handle.

Priced at $3550



A pristine Bill and Judy Sayles 9 inch hand bag

with seagull carving  also includes a quarterbord



Two open baskets from the Anderson Basket shop

Richard and Patricia Anderson owned and operated a basket shop and taught classes on one of the wharves here on Nantucket for many years.  These two open baskets are all oak, the smaller one (6" * 3 1/2) has a walnut base.  The larger basket (7 1/2 * 5) has a maple base.

6" all oak $500  7 1/2" all oak SOLD

A Paul Willer flower vase

Paul Willer bought the House of Orange in 1971 (from my father in-law!!) and over the years learned how to make Nantucket baskets.  This 3 1/2 inch by 7 inch flower vase features oak staves, rim, and handle, ivory domes, and removable cobalt blue glass liner. Paul now has a permanent display at the Basket Museum here on Nantucket.


A classic Jose Reyes

This Reyes basket features both an ebony top and bottom,  A Charles Sayles sperm whale on top, and ivory knobs and pin.  The third photo shows the top does not have binding cane covering the stave tips which would date the basket to the late 50's early 60's.  The basket measures 8 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches tall.



A beautiful 9 inch Steven Gibbs handbag

This fully restored classic Gibbs bag features oak staves, a half catch in ivory, an ebony top, and sperm whale carving in ivory.  If your in the market for a real antique basket with great patina this basket is for you.  The basket is in great condition and has had all the hinges replaced by myself as well as a thorough cleaning.  Please call for a quote.



An antique Stanley Roop 8 1/2 inch round handbag

Stanley Roop was a latter day contemporary of Gibbs and Reyes.  The base on this basket is signed SSR 76.  I have repaired quite a few Roop baskets and this appears to match his construction and materials.  This round purse has a great patina and features ivory knobs and peg as well as a beautiful bowhead whale carving on the top. 

Asking price $1975.00


A Jose Reyes 8 1/2 oval handbag circa 1966


The most sought after weaver from the previous generation is definitely Jose Reyes.  This 9 inch bag is in tip top shape with all new hinges and a beautiful patina.  It has a walnut top with the classic sperm whale carving.




A 3 inch apprentice basket

This cute little basket has a cherry base and handle, reed staves and rims and ivory domes and is cross lashed.   SOLD