Wooden Topped Lightship Baskets

This is a gallery of baskets with hand turned wooden lids of many descriptions. Click on the thumbnails to download an enlarged view and description of each photo. Turned wooden tops are a traditional art-form that I really enjoy making. Each top is individually made to fit its matching basket and some have a "surprise" inside.( An ice bucket, sewing basket with tray, or glass dish. Many of the tops have inlays and overlays of exotic woods, with knobs to match or accent the top.

A group of lidded baskets all sizesThree 6" inch baskets
A walnut with whalebone earsA walnut top inside view
A 4"and 3" with inlayA 4" and 3" with inlay
Three 3" basketsA group of two inch baskets
A birdseye topA birch top with imbuya inlay
An ice bucket w/ imbuya top, handle, and baseAn ice bucket w/ imbuya top, handle, and base
A 10" sewing basket with inner trayA 10" sewing basket with inner tray
A 5" lacewood topA 4" lacewood top
A 3" pink ivory topA 4" bloodwood top

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