Weave your own Baskets

If you want a basket with a special, personal touch, why not weave one yourself?  My kits contain all the materials you will need to make your own Nantucket Lightship Basket. A variety of styles and sizes are available to choose from and our comprehensive, illustrated instruction manual walks you through the entire process, step by step.

I currently have kits for the sizes listed below.  Custom size and shape kits are available by special order. 

All kits have bases and handles made of cherry and reed staves and rims except for ice bucket tops which are typically mahogany. ( wooden staves and rims can be purchased at additional cost )  

Handmade solid wood molds made by me are also available in a kit as a special order item.

I can also supply materials for ovals and purses but currently do not have a manual to go with them.

The ice bucket, wine cooler, and glass vases are all one use items i.e. the  the container is the mold and is permanently built into the project.

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2" x  7" glass BUD VASE - 75.00

5" x 91/2" acrylic WINE COOLER - 170.00

7" x 8" ICE BUCKET - 275.00

price does not include shipping or applicable tax


For more information about the kits please e-mail us at the shop or call 508-228-8714. We ship our kits anywhere in the world.

Materials Included:

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