Basket Knobs, Fittings, Nails, and Leather Straps

Priced per pair
includes hardware
Knobs Washers
Ivory all sizes 75.008.00
 Bone 16mm25.00included
 Ebony8/10mm 15.00included
 Ebony12/14mm 20.00included
 Ebony16/18mm 25.00included
Rose (bone) all sizes10.00 
Shell (ivory)75.00 

Prices apply to all sizes. Sizes shown above are in millimeters

This shows the beautiful graining that is characteristic of ivory. Bone will have a flat white color with no graining whatsoever. Plastic, which I don't carry cannot be polished to a high luster like bone or ivory.

A pair of ebony knobsRose knobs in bone
Scrimmed domesScrimmed domes
Ivory shell knobs  

This is a quarterboard done in ivory. Quarterboards are usually used on the inside of the purse top. (see photo in the purse gallery)
The standard length is 3 inches (shown at the top). They also come in 2 inch (middle) and 11/2 inch (shown at the bottom) which can be used on the top of a medium to large sized handle. Photos may not be to scale
3" - $150.00 / 2" - $100.00 /1 1/2" - $75.00

Price includes engraving

The right hardware for attaching the handle and knobs to your basket is key. If the inner washers hole is too large it becomes very difficult to peen the washer into place. My hardware has been machined to fit closely too make the job easy. $5.00 per set

These 20 gauge brass brads are perfect for nailing the rims. This gauge is not readily available at hardware stores. come in 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" $5.00 Pack

Purse Pegs The photo on the left shows, from left to right,a custom peg out of fossil walrus ivory, a standard size bone peg, and a small ivory peg.
Ivory $100.00
Ebony $30.00
Rosewood $30.00
Custom made $175.00

This is a standard three standard braided leather strap. It comes in black, dark brown, green, and cherry. $60.00
On the far left you'll see a round strap with an ivory end fitting. On the left is an imbuya end on dark a brown round strap.

Wooden ends : $275.00

Ivory : $500.00


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