Handmade Solid Wood Molds
Of all the basket makers tools I believe the molds may be the most valuable and valued. Molds of course are a key element in the History of what is the Nantucket Lightship Basket. Historically molds were made from ships spars and masts which were very plentiful at the time (over 160 ships were registered out of Nantucket during the height of the whaling era). I personally own a mold from this era and still make baskets on it! As you can imagine weavers would pass down through generations and many of my local students own such molds. Solid wood molds, aside from providing weight that will help keep the mold in place during the weaving process, are very nice to look and many students start "collecting" a mold every so often. Except for the very largest molds all hardwood molds are made from solid mahogany.  This insures that a mold will last for generations

All Handmade molds are made by me at my workshop on Nantucket. They come pre-finished, signed and dated, complete with all hardware, and under normal use (don't put them in the freezer or oven!) are warranted for the life of the mold against defects in workmanship.

Although Solid molds are finished they should always be protected from extremes in temperatures and humidity and as they start to wear extra coats should be added. Additionally you can keep a very light coat of paste wax on the mold. (any good paste-type furniture wax) Waxing the mold will also aid in the process of removing the basket from the mold.




COVER for woven top

 2 inch 50.00 75.00 35.00
 3 inch 85.00 100.00 45.00
 4 inch 125.00 135.00 55.00
 5 inch 150.00 200.00 65.00
 6 inch 175.00 225.00 75.00
 7 inch 200.00 300.00 95.00
 8 inch 250.00 350.00 110.00
 9 inch 325.00 425.00 125.00
 10 inch 400.00 550.00 140.00
 12 inch 500.00 750.00 175.00
 14 inch 750.00 950.00 250.00
 16 inch 950.00 1250.00 300.00
 20 inch 1250.00 1500.00 425.00


Larger sizes cost slightly more E-mail me for a quote on specific sizes

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