My introduction to Lightship Baskets began during the winter of 1989. I was looking for a way to create unique gifts for the holiday season. A friends wife who had been weaving for quite a while got me started and I spent the rest of that winter studying Lightship baskets and their construction to figure out how to make my own molds and supplies. A local basket shop started buying my baskets. The following spring I bought a lathe and a few woodworking tools, and started to weave baskets full time. A year and a half later I learned what a solitary job full time weaving was and by this time I had developed a fair skill at producing the molds, bases, handles, etc... so I decided to branch out into the supply end of the business as well as teaching. My own baskets incorporate traditional basket making techniques and designs with a little of my own imagination and creativity thrown in. Many people who are shopping for a basket want a "traditional" basket when in fact the tradition has always been to experiment with form and materials. A glance through the historic record will show baskets with many shapes and styles made with a variety of materials. For that reason I contend that there is no such thing as a traditional basket. There are elements that are common to all Lightship Baskets i.e. use of a mold, use of cane for weaving, odd number of staves, rims nailed on, but aside from these many variations are possible. Aside from making all my own basket molds and parts I also enjoy creating carvings for use with baskets, usually in ivory or ebony. I have especially enjoyed reviving a basket design that was done in years past but has not been done recently namely custom turned wooden tops. With a background in ceramics I found working on the wood lathe very similar and really enjoy creating interesting tops with exotic woods and inlays. Although I still enjoy weaving I find one of the greatest rewards of my business is sharing my knowledge and experience with my students. Nantucket draws people from all over the world and I really enjoy meeting and talking to this diverse cross section of folks who are drawn to the unique art form known as the Nantucket Lightship Basket. I think my own background in art [B.F.A. from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania] provided me with an appreciation of the form and style of these baskets. If you are planning to come to Nantucket please stop by the shop, I'm open year round.

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